Casinos Bonuses And How They Work

Online casinos are at an ever-growing number and so are the Casinos Bonuses on offer, every week there are new casinos popping up all over the place, this brings a lot of competition for them when they are looking to bring in new customers to their online casinos, step froward the bonus offer.

Casinos bonuses are there to offer the player an incentive to join that particular casino over another so there is a wide range of offers available to you as a new player!

Types Of Casino Bonsues

Finding the best online casino bonuses can be tough as there are so many to get through, but a good start is to filter out what you want for yourself, below I will list the different deposit bonus types and you can use this to figure out which suits you best.

On this page I have compiled a full list of casino bonuses including the terms and conditions so you can make an informed decision on what casino to play at, below are the different types of bonuses you may be offered.

types of casinos bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Like the name suggests this is a bonus cash amount often £5 or £10 which will require playthrough should you be lucky enough to win anything with it (I will explain this further down) of anything from 25x to over 100x depending on the casino.

Meaning if you won £100 with the bonus cash you would have to play through 25x that or more to be able to withdraw it to your bank account that’s £2500 of bets placed with £100 chances are you won’t make a withdrawal but some people are lucky enough to go around casinos doing this.

No deposit bonuses are certainly your best option if you dot want to make ant deposits of your own money, it also gives you a good opportunity to see how good or bad that casino is going forward.

Deposit Bonuses

During my experience as a player at casinos the best bonuses for me where this kind, when you join and make your first deposit the casino matches your deposit often up to as high as £300 in the UK.

Of course, this comes with the same playthrough requirements but often you do not use the bonus until you have used your cash which means if you win with cash or “raw” as it’s known you won’t have to play through but if you win with the bonus you will, the bonus is used after you have used your cash at many casinos online but make sure that the casino your choosing allows this before you deposit.

Some online casinos do a mixed bonus and cash and this is by far my preferred method though ti seems to be a dying offer as its more favorable to the player in most cases.

Free Spins Bonus

Casinos also offer free spins either on there own or as well as a deposit bonus and these work on the same premise as no deposit or deposit bonuses if you win with the free spins anything you win will have to be played through a certain amount f times until you can withdraw the money.

This type of bonus is good for testing out a real money slot before you use any of your real money.

Monthly Reload Bonuses

Some casinos not only cater for their new customers but more importantly for their existing ones too, monthly reload bonuses work on the same premise as first deposit bonuses, you reload money into your account and they will match the deposit amount by anything from 25% to 100% in bonus cash.

Of course this reload bonus will require the same play through as any other casino bonuses you may receive. Many of these bonuses are no longer advertised publicly or when you first join but are then shown in your account as promotions after, or are emailed/text out to you on a regular basis.

Payment Methods Bonus

Mega rare but they do pop up from time to time, payment method bonuses are bonuses for depositing with a new payment method that a casino may have just added for example. Skrill or Bitcoin.

VIP And High Roller Bonuses

Regular high depositing customers are often treated to special deals including and not limited to higher deposit match bonuses, comp stays at hotels and or holidays, free gifts such as iPads and gadgets in order to keep them playing.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Very rare these days but back in the day casinos would offer you bonuses for referring a friend to join the casino with your very own link.

How to get the most from your Casino Bonuses

I have spent years gambling at online casinos and through my experience, I wanted to offer a quick insight on how to best use these bonuses going forward.

Max Deposit Is Best – When a Casino offers 100% match up to say £150 it is always best to use the maximum amount so a deposit of £150 (if you can afford it and always gamble responsibly) will get you the maximum amount of bonus (£150) thus giving you more spins and more chances to make a cash out from the bonus after playthrough.

Pick High RTP (Return to player) Slots – return to player basically means the percentage of the stake that is returned to the player on average, the higher the RTP the more amount on average you will get back from staking thus making the most of wagering requirements you may have for getting a cash-out from a bonus.

Max Stake

Look up the max stake allowed for playing a bonus on any given game or slot before you start playing it and utilize this to your advantage, obviously the higher the stake the quicker you will meet wagering and the more likely you will win big as you play, which in turn gives you more chance to meet wagering and get that all-important cash-out.


Bonuses are an added extra and should not be treated as real money until the wagering requirement for the said bonus has been met.

Treat them as another chance to win and nothing more, have fun and only gamble what you can afford to! Please share this article with others to help them out in their casino ventures.

uk gambling commission

The Role of UK Gambling Commission In Big Changes To Bonuses From Casinos

If you’re based in the UK, the UK Gambling Commission has introduced many new changes and laws on casino bonuses. When you deposit and get a bonus, the cash deposit must always be available to withdraw at any time – this is to protect casino players from dodgy and mainstream casinos taking or withholding their cash.

As per the UKGC’s regulations, all bonus offers must state all of the Terms & Conditions including which casino games are eligible, what the wagering requirements are, the maximum allowed stake size, and the restrictions on deposit methods not to mention the timeframe things must be completed in.

This is why you will see the T&Cs of each casino and really must take the time to read them fully in order to get the most from a bonus.

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